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MEXICO CONE Coffee Table-Orange
Numero Bultos: 1
High measure: 45 cm.
Measure width: 45 cm.
Deep measure: 45 cm.
Packing Measures:
High measure: 53 cm.
Measure width: 48 cm.
Deep measure: 48 cm.


  • Table version inspired by the Acapulco Chair.
  • Black lacquered steel structure.
  • Plastic mesh made of polyethylene threads.
  • Circular tempered glass surface, 5mm thick.
  • Hook with suction cups.
  • Ideal as coffee table or side table.
  • Available in white, black or orange.

The MEXICO CONE Coffee Table perfectly combines with the famous Acapulco Chair, as coffee table or side table.

The Acapulco Chair is one of the most famous designs of the 20th century. This is an anonymous design that emerged in the 1950s the favorite holiday place of many actors and famous of Hollywood: Acapulco, Mexico. The MEXICO CONE Coffee Table follows the same principles of composition: black lacquered steel structure as support, and a series of polyethylene cables forming an inverted cone.

The plastic threads configure a fresh and permeable mesh, which prevents heat buildup and follows the ancient techniques of Maya tissue. On top of this is placed a 5 mm thick tempered glass surface.

Besides being a very elegant and beautyful piece, the combination of its matrerials turns this table into a very long lasting and resistant table, suitable also for outdoor use.

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