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Bioethanol Stove KRANEIA


Bioethanol cookers offer an alternative to traditional fireplaces and cookers for those who want to enjoy a fire with real flames without the need for building work or installations.
They work thanks to a natural origin alcohol with high energy power, thanks to which a sensation of heat is obtained practically immediately.
This alcohol, which belongs to the renewable energy range, only releases water vapour in a weak quantity at the moment of combustion, so you can also forget about fumes and ashes.
The Kraneia model offers you a very particular and innovative design, in the shape of a corner, which will give a special touch to your room.
It offers a very high calorific power so you will quickly notice a sensation of comfort in the room.
It is a floor biofireplace, it does not need any installation and as it is portable, you can take it from one room to another without any problem (always with the tank off).
The firebox is protected by a double door with tempered glass that protects the fire from the outside, as well as being very convenient for filling the tank.
At the bottom there is a space for storing decorative logs or other objects.
Installation is as simple as a painting.
It does not need an outlet for fumes or gases, and can be placed in any room.
Bioethanol corner cooker with two glass doors.
Wide viewing angle of the fire.
Size (LxDxH): 58x39x95cm Approximate heat output: equivalent to 3.
0 kW Finish: Black painted steel Capacity: 1 tank of 1.
5L made of stainless steel, so its resistance is a sure guarantee.
Real flames, almost immediate sensation of heat Clean, no fumes or ashes and easy to maintain Independent of other energy sources, such as gas or electricity Includes tool for turning it off Decorative accessories available: stones and logs (accessories should be placed around the tank without covering it so as not to block it).
Accessories are not included, but you can easily get them.

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Bioethanol Stove KRANEIA

Bioethanol Stove KRANEIA

Bioethanol Stove KRANEIA

Bioethanol Stove KRANEIA

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